What is Form 10E and other FAQs

If you have received some salary in arrears, it is likely you have heard of Form 10E. The income tax department recently made filing of Form 10E mandatory for those claiming income tax relief. Tax relief is allowed if you have received past dues in the current year. This relief makes sure there is no extra tax burden on you. Here are some FAQs relating to Form 10E.   What is Form 10E? Starting financial year 2014-15 (assessment year 2015-16), the income tax department has made it mandatory to file Form 10E if you want to claim relief under section 89(1).   Where can I file Form 10E? Form 10E can be filed online on www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in   Which assessment year should I choose while filing Form 10E? Choose the assessment year in which arrears have been received by you. For example if arrears are received in financial year 2014-15, choose assessment year 2015-16.   Do I need to submit Form 10E before filing my return, or it has to be submitted after filing income tax return? You must submit Form 10E before filing your income tax return. In case you have submitted your return and not filed Form 10E, and you have claimed relief under section 89(1), most likely you will receive a notice from the tax department asking you to file Form 10E.   Do I need to attach a copy of Form 10E with my tax return? Form 10E has to be submitted online and no copy is required to be attached with your tax return. If you have filed Form 10E online no documents are required to be submitted to DataAccountants or the income tax department. Income tax returns are annexure less returns. However, you must keep all your documents safely in your records in case AO asks for them in future.   Do I need to submit Form 10E to my employer? Your employer may ask for confirmation of submission of Form 10E before adjusting your taxes and allowing tax relief. It is not mandatory to submit this form to the employer.   I have more questions, who should I ask? Drop us an email info@dataaccountants.com and we’ll help you out

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