How to change your NPS POP-SP

One of the Data Accountants client recently asked us about changing the Point of Presence – Service Provider (POP-SP) of their National Pension System (NPS) account. When you open an NPS account online through the NSDL website, the default POP and POP-SP you are assigned is the National Pension System Trust. The reader, who had registered with the NPS through the NSDL website, wanted to know to change the POP-SP. The method to do the same is very easy

  1. You need to go to the ‘Forms’ section of the NSDL website and download the shifting of subscriber Form UOS S5
  2. Once the form is downloaded, take a print and enter the details of our NPS account and your desired POP
  3. Send the filled out form to your current or new POP-SP
  4. The new POP-SP will carry out a verification process and accept you as a subscriber once the verification is completed

Do note that any subscriber under the corporate model cannot change the POP-SP on his own. Furthermore, the POP-SP for your Tier I and Tier II accounts cannot be different. NPS is one of the many tax-saving investment options that you can avail under Section 80C. Click here to learn more about pros and cons of the NPS.

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